May 8-9, 2019
  Coronado Island Marriott Resort & Spa | San Diego, CA

2019 Agenda

2019 Confirmed Speakers

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Adam Perlman, MD, Director of Integrative Health & Wellbeing, Mayo Clinic Florida 

Integrative & Functional Medicine in a Mainstream Medical Center: The Mayo Clinic Experience

The Mayo Clinic is among a number of world-renowned medical centers that has made a serious commitment to integrative & functional medicine. Earlier this year, Mayo hired Dr. Adam Perlman--formerly the director of Duke University's highly regarded Integrative Medicine Center--to oversee the development of an entirely new Integrative Health & Wellness Center at its Jacksonville, Florida campus. In this keynote presentation, Dr. Perlman will share insights drawn from his vast experience bringing nutrition-centric functional medicine models into mainstream hospital systems. He'll shed light on the opportunities for industry, as well as the challenges and standards that practitioner-facing brands must face if they wish to participate in this burgeoning movement from the margins to the center of heathcare.


Barri Sigvertsen, Senior Marketing Director, Lonza

How Practitioners Influence Consumer Supplement Choices: Insights From the 2019 SORD Study

The bi-annual SORD study gathers extensive data on supplement use from 2000 US consumers. The 2019 survey includes extensive questions on how consumers interact with medical professionals, and the ways in which practitioners infuence their product choices, purchasing decisions, and health behaviors. TPCF is thrilled to present this first look at the new SORD data set, with Barri Sigvertsen, one of the industry's brightest market research analysts.


Anthony Almada, Founder IMAGINutrition

Hemp, Cannabinoids, CBD & Clinical Practice: A Gap Analysis

The explosive growth of the hemp/cannabis sector is unprecedented in the history of the natural products industry. Many practitioner-channel brands have launched hemp-based products; others are considering it. While practitioners are increasingly open to hemp-based medicine, they are rightly demanding solid evidence, not just evangelism. Overly enthusiastic promotion could easily boomerang on the industry in the form of regulatory actions, unsubstantiated or misleading claims lawsuits, and patent/IP violation suits. In this in-depth session, industry veteran Anthony Almada will offer guidance on how to close the "evidence gap," how to sell the biology of hemp, not just the chemistry,  the role of intellectual property and patent protection, the strongest clinical opportunities for hemp-based products, and more.


Jaclyn Chasse, ND, VP of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, Emerson Ecologics

Ensuring the Future of the Practitioner Channel in a Changing Healthcare Environment

What is the role of a medical professional in an era of extreme patient empowerment, self-diagnosis, and lightning-fast online retail? How will the "legacy" practitioners at the base of the practitioner channel survive in a radically changing medical landscape? How do practitioner-facing brands remain relevant to practitioners and their patients? Dr. Jaclyn Chasse will address these and other tough questions from her diverse perspectives as a naturopathic clinician, supplement industry executive, and former head of a major medical organization.


Erik Goldman, Editor & Co-Founder, Holistic Primary Care

HPC's 2019 Practitioner Survey -- A First Look!

HPC's annual practitioner surveys represent the most comprensive and broad-ranging data sets on the ways in which medical professionals are engaging with supplements, herbs, and nutraceuticals. Since 2010, these studies have been tracking and benchmarking  the evolution of the field, revealing practitioner perspectives and attitudes, and identifying new industry opportunities. Join HPC's founding editor, Erik Goldman, for a first look at the new 2019 data.


Todd A. Harrison, Partner, Venable LLP

Legal & Regulatory Update: The View from Washington, DC

Will the FDA really revise DSHEA? Would that revision be a good or a bad thing? Will the agency continue to permit the widespread sale of CBD in dietary supplements? Can a rapidly growing practitioner channel maintain its relatively protection from regulatory scrutiny? Todd Harrison, one of the industry's sharpest legal minds, shares his perspective on the coming changes.


Ryan McNally, ND, Faculty, Bastyr University California

Bastyr University at 40 and the Future of Naturopathic Medicine

The naturopathic profession is part of the bedrock of the practitioner channel. Since it's founding in 1978, Bastyr University has been at the foundation of modern naturopathy, training thousands of naturopathic clinicians, researchers and thought leaders. But in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape, the traditional model of naturopathic practice--solo and small group practices serving cohorts of loyal and compliant patients--faces many challenges. In his faculty role at Bastyr's San Diego campus and clinic, Dr. Ryan McNally represents--and trains--a new generation of naturopathic doctors primed and ready for today's healthcare realities. He'll share his perspectives on where the profession has been, where it's going, and how Bastyr is both responding to and influencing the future of medicine.


Michael H. Cohen, Founder, Cohen Healthcare Law Group

Medicolegal Considerations in the Clinical Use of Supplements: What Industry Needs to Understand

Medical professionals who practice holistic, functional and naturopathic medicine face certain unique medicolegal challenges. This is especially true for MDs and others transitioning out of conventional care models, and for those still working within mainstream healthcare settings. In most states, the use of supplements for the prevention and treatment of disease falls beyond conventional standards of care, a fact that is easily overlooked by zealous supplement companies but less easily ignored by their physician customers. Michael H. Cohen, one of the nation's leading experts on legal issues pertaining to holistic/functional practice, shares lessons learned from decades reprsenting clinicians, supplement makers, medical device companies, and large healthcare systems.


Mitchell Stevko, CEO, Growth CEO Advisors

Go Public or Stay Private? Growth Strategies for Practitioner Focused Businesses

As practitioner-focused supplement brands continue to evolve, along with the fields of holistic & functional medicine, many company leaders will sooner or later face the question of how to finance future growth. Since 1995, Mitchell Stevko has worked as a business development strategist at the crossroads of Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and Healthcare. He sees tremendous potential in the practitioner-focused supplement market, and believes companies with earnings in the range of $5M to $100M have significant new opportunities  to create inflections and acceleration points for future expansion. Stevko will explore the pros and cons of diverse growth strategies, drawing on his decades of experience in wealth creation.



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Last Year's 2018 - Discovering New Directions in The Practitioner Channel

WEDNESDAY May 30, 2018

7:00 - 8 AM: BREAKFAST

SESSION ONE 8:00-10:30 AM:  Healthcare in Transition-
Where Are We & Where Are We Going?

Welcome & Opening Remarks
Meg Sinclair:  Co-Founder/Publisher, Holistic Primary Care

Overview: The Impending Healthcare Shake-up
Erik Goldman:  Co-Founder/Editor-in-chief Holistic Primary Care

FUTURE SHOCK: How Will Practitioner Channel Companies Evolve in a Fast-Changing Healthcare Landscape?
Michael Levin:  Founder, Health Business Strategies

“MACRA-Economics:” How Payment Reform is Reshaping Medical Practices
Josh Whitehurst: Founder, HouseCall Video Telemedicine

Roundtable Q & A


SESSION TW0 11:00-1:00 PM:  Perspectives on the Practitioner Channel

FIRST LOOK! Highlights from HPC’s 2018 Practitioner Survey
Erik Goldman:  Co-Founder/Editor-in-chief Holistic Primary Care
Now in it’s 8th year, HPC’s survey is the most comprehensive ongoing research on practitioner engagement with nutrition, supplements, health tech, and media.

Applying Insight from the 2017 Integrative Physician Market Landscape Study for Impactful Practitioner Outreach
Yadim Medore, Founder & CEO, Pure Branding

Signals from the SORD Study: What the Consumer Market Can Teach the Practitioner Channel
Julianna Erickson: Senior Category Marketing Manager, LONZA | Capsugel

Roundtable Q & A

1PM-2:15: LUNCH

SESSION THREE:  2:15-4:00 PM:  Legal & Regulatory Issues in the Practitioner Channel

Regulatory Update: Federal, State & Local Issues to Watch
Ivan Wasserman, Esq:  Partner, Amin Talati Upadhye

Regulatory Update:  The Perspective from Washington DC
Todd Harrison, Esq: Partner, Venable LLC

New Initiatives for Improving Quality of Botanical Raw Materials
Mark Blumenthal, Founder/Director:  American Botanical Council


SESSION FOUR 4:30-6:30:  Supplements, Science, and Clinical Practice

Brands vs Branded Ingredients: Do Practitioners Understand the Difference? 
Erik Goldman:  Co-Founder/Editor-in-chief Holistic Primary Care

Why Ingredient Science Matters
Jim Lugo, PhD: Chief Science Officer, Lonza

Functional Medicine in a Conventional Hospital System: Update from the Cleveland Clinic
Patrick Hanaway, MD: Medical Director, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine

7:00 Cocktail Reception & Dinner (Sponsored by LONZA | Capsugel)

Capsugel Lonza Logo2018

THURSDAY May 31, 2018

7:00  - 8 AM BREAKFAST:

SESSION FIVE: 8:00-10:30 AM:  Modern Marketing in the Medical Channel

Tapping Social Media & Content-Based Marketing to Extend Your Practitioner Reach
Josh Whitehurst: Founder, HouseCall Video Telemedicine

FDA’s New Labeling Requirements: Implications for Practitioners & the Brands that Serve Them
Susan Hewlings, PhD, RD: Consultant NutraSource, Co-Founder Substantiation Science


11:00-1:00  Closing Session:  What Healthcare Professionals Really Want -
Perspectives from the Frontline of Clinical Practice

The Role of Supplements & Nutraceuticals in Today’s Functional Medicine Practice
Jill Carnahan, MD: Director, Flatiron Functional Medicine

Unmet Clinical Needs & New Opportunities for Practitioner Channel Brands
Robert G. Silverman, DC:  Founder, Westchester Integrative Medicine


 1:00 - Adjourn - Enjoy the Florida Sunshine!